Sunday, February 10, 2013

That debate!

 Armstrong - Sinnott won that debate as he has reality on his side, whilst Craig misinterprets the evidence.

    For the problem of evil , S.-A. could in debates use Fr. Meslier's the problem of Heaven, which develops the case that were theists and - consistent, then on the Earth as in Heaven, people could have free will and a guarantee not to do wrong, no consistency of hobgoblins of little minds.

  He rightly uses the argument from timelessness, as a timeless God could never have anything to do with creating anything in time, and thus, Craig's Kalam fails in that it relies on Him being timeless but who creates in time, and that reflects absurdity.

   Craig relies on uncorroborated writers of uncorroborated tall tales for the Resurrection! Credulity cannot instantiate God! We anti-theists have no burden of proof to overcome such tales with counter ones.

     How could a rational person have a relationship with a zero-being?

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