Friday, December 21, 2012

Rationalism's take on truth in religion

      We rationalists find no  truth in religion that is not found elsewhere  without the superstition. Religion, that superstition, derives from men's own imaginations. Revelations are just mens' own minds at works as is all religious experience.
     Why would a rational person desire to accept as true such man-made fables and take solace from them ? I prefer Esops' Fables which give lessons without accepting woo.
        " Life is its own validation and reward and  ultimate meaning to which neither God nor the future state can further validate." In quiring Lynn

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Embracing woo.

     To embrace the mystery of Deity is to embrace woo. No mystery for Him exists as He cannot possibly exist.^ As mystery He'd be superflous as the Primary Cause and Sufficient Reason.The mystery- God did it adds no information and thus no knowledge. 
    .People like mystery but here ,because it assuages them and makes them think that they fathom that reality is intelligible due to that mystery, but which actually betrays reality.
      No mystery serves to explain why there something exists instead of nothing when how could thee exist nothing anyway. To pose that query means to provide another argument from personal incredulity and its answer the argument from ignorance, both which underlie most theistic arguments.
        No mystery exists as to why the Cosmos exists. That Mystery  adds obscurantism,not intelligibility.
        Lamberth's the argument from inherency notes that chaos,order, regularity, the descriptions- laws- of Nature inhere in Existence, so obscurantism adds nothing to that. Theism relies on obscurantism. Theistic evolution is an oxy-moronic obscurantism.

         ^http://ignosticmorgansblog.  Why Deity is no more real than a square circle!

Embracing Mystery

Embracing Mystery