Monday, November 5, 2012

WLC'c misanthropy!

             William Lane Craig reverberates in sophistry. In the previous article he fails to defend rationally his twaddle,because we are not sinners who inherit original sin, not even metaphorically! The Eden myth portrays Yahweh who entraps the pair. They had no knowledge of right and wrong until they had eaten of the forbidden fruit, which knowledge they should already have had! Then that pervert expelled them and put their supposed guilt onto all their posterity, which is malevolent.
           Atheist Michael Ruse with his sophistry cannot salvage original sin as we do not inherit that. Nothing in the myth for which he can find a natural metaphor exists.
           To expiate would require the person to do so, not an innocent person [ Ah, then Yeshua wouldn't be innocent, because as Yahweh he'd be evil himself as causing the Deluge,etc.!
           This form of blood sacrifice is as evil as that of the Aztecs and others. To send people to Hell for any reason is both irrational and - immoral. It  harms the Christian argument to say that they send themselves there as noted.
            Ti's both irrational and immoral to claim possession of humans! We as independent beings owe no allegiance to  or worship of any other being per Lamberth's argument from autonomy.
             Most people do mainly good and deserve no dire punishment. Others merit grave punishment. We humans try to apply the appropriate punishment whilst the miserable, mistaken misanthropes who just made up the Bible had no authority to lay down their egregious morality for us!They, not their invented Yahweh just made up their egregious simple subjective morality f rom mainly their own tastes and whims instead of what consequences portray as good or bad. They deserve our objurgation!
            They thus put forth no objective morality that WLC prattles that Yahweh made!
            WLC claims that the commands for genocide were just as Yahweh found those peoples so immoral. He prattles that their children would go immediately to Heaven. That prattling illuminates the mind of an irrational and -immoral person! We rationalist objurgate him as the fool he is.
             What effrontery and blasphemy to humanity!
              He is defending might is right, and irrationality and immorality rule!
             We rationalists find such people at odds with morality and deserve condemnation for that.
              He leads no one morally but instead pleads for that very irrationality and immorality!

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